Silicon Rubber Moulded Items

Fluid silicone elastic (LSR) embellishment is a thermoset procedure that combines a two-segment compound, which is then warmth cured in the mold with a platinum impetus to deliver a last part. As a prominent manufacturer and exporter, we provide different silicon rubber moulded items such as silicon rubber grommet, silicon rubber seal, silicon rubber products. LSR parts are shaped through an infusion embellishment process like that of customary plastic infusion forming with one noteworthy distinction the material conveyance framework is cooled and the mold is warmed.

Last LSR parts are solid and versatile with great warm, concoction and electrical resistance. They keep up their physical properties at great temperatures and can withstand cleansing. LSR parts are additionally biocompatible, so they work extremely well for items that have skin contact. Those advantages give themselves well to car, therapeutic and nourishment machine commercial enterprises, commonly as seals, gaskets, valves and link.

  • Silicon rubber molded items are fabricated with modern technology
  • The product finds huge application in different industries
  • We deliver all our products in scheduled time

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